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About Us
High Information Technology Education and Social Development Organization (HITESDO) is a Non-Profitable, Non –Government Organization founded in 2005 by the young professional from different sectors.

Key areas we actively involved – Information Communication Technology (ICT), Youth empowerment, Capacity Building Programs, education, Business and entrepreneurship development, Community Development. HITESDO contains a team of talented and well experienced youth, such as graduates, Undergraduates, professionals and experts from different field such as Information technology, humanitarian and Human Rights and Education, Social Work.

HITESDO was registered under Ministry of cultural Affairs and sports - East Province in 2005 (the registered No NEP/ME/CA/TR/06/05) and also registered as Volunteer Organization (under the circular No 31.06.1980 of democratic social republic of Sri Lanka VSO act seeing the registered no DS/TG/SS/VSO/77).

Since its founding, we do ICT trainings and awareness programs to the youths in the rural and remote areas in the district. Later we started to conduct IT and English classes to improve the knowledge and skills of youths and school leavers. Further we do Capacity building and job oriented trainings such as beauty culture, carpentry, food processing and career guidance trainings for school levers and youths. We organize cultural programmes in the rural areas. Elders and students honored in this programme for their achievements and support.  

ICT and English are the very powerful tools that are using by even small organization in the world. In our district, the opportunities are very rare to the youths and children from the rural and neglected, vulnerable communities to gain skills and knowledge in ICT and English but the demands are very high in the job market. Therefore we create opportunities to these youth and children to get involve programmes and trainings to get better knowledge as well as carrier development.
At present the government of Sri Lanka expects that benefit of ICT should reach the vulnerable communities in the rural and remote areas. HITESDO offer its services to the vulnerable communities in order to achieve the objectives through its Youth network. HITESDO takes actions to extend its activities to develop English, Sinhala Tamil languages and information technology especially to the vulnerable and marginalized communities in the district. 

We are always looking for people and the organizations interested in supporting what we involved. If you like the sound of our activities then please consider making a donation/funding or take a look at some other ways you can get involved

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