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Capacity Building Programs
Positive community development occurs when capacity building is increased Community capacity is developed when a community’s “human, physical, financial, and social resources” are mobilized to “identify and respond to its own needs”. People who build community capacity are empowered to develop their own potential and to work with one another to benefit the community.

Developing community capacity and maximizing limited resources in rural areas are essential.  Building capacity for youth development programs in rural areas can provide a way for youth to engage in larger community development processes, thus growing and developing while benefitting the community as a whole  

    1. Youth in rural areas might not have a variety of opportunities for their development.

    2. Communities should coordinate their limited resources to get more accomplished.

    3. Engaging everyone, including youth, expands rural areas’ capacity for youth development.

    4. Local solutions created through community involvement provide opportunities for positive community development.

    5. Localized program design assists sustainable community development.

    6. Develop Spots Clubs  - Sports and Cultural Activities


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