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Founder/Chairman Massage – HITESDO Sri Lanka

It is a pleasure for me to launch the website of HITESDO Sri Lanka. For over 10 years I have involved in humanitarian, entrepreneurship development and youth empowerment activities and participated in several discussions through different organizations. For too long the conversation has lacked a voice that articulates and defends the role played by youth empowerment, economic growth, Information technology and entrepreneurship. I founded HITESDO to address that void. The organization has started functioning in June 2005 as a non-profit organization in Trincomalee Sri Lanka. The organization also started training programme for building skills of youths, the NGO and Government personnel on Maintenance of Accounts & Financial Management, Organizational Development & Management and Orientation on Organizational Development and ICT education. In addition that, the organization has established a web based database for Trincomalee district with support of ICTA. It is a new dimension for building of Digital society in Trincomalee.

The HITESDOs work for various social activities like, education, Skill Development , and youth empowerment, Nutrion& health, social awareness on rights of women and children, environment protection, skills development, Career Guidance and income generation, ICT and thereby play a vital role for attaining Millennium Development Goal. As an effort for establishing transparency, accountability, fairness and skills of the organization, we are trying to open all our activities to all concerned, home and abroad. We would expect suggestions for improvement of our performance for serving the nation and establishing a hunger free society.

I was a member of the Governing Board of the Chamber of Commerce and Industries Trincomalee district and took over as Chairman on 01 January 2012. I am attached with several National and International Organizations. I was appointed as Justice of Peace (JP), Whole Island by the Ministry of Justice, Sri Lanka.  I hope that our combined efforts would help us to achieve the purpose for which the organization was established.

The Organization would expect suggestions from all concerned for improvement of its performances.

Welcome any suggestions and Comments to Founder /Chairman - , feedback on 0094772852863,

-Lion V.Kalaichelvan JP, MBA (UK)-


Phone: +94 26 32 68237
Voice Mail  : 772852863 / 776232047  
Address: 1316, Palaiyootru,
Trincomalee, 31000
Sri Lanka.