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High Information Technology Education and Social Development Organization –(HITESDO) is an Non-Profitable Non –Government Organization. It has been functioning since 2004 for the purpose of empowerment of youths on Capacity Building, Information Technology, education, nutrition, self-respect and unity. It contains a team of talented and well experienced youths in it, such as graduates, Undergraduates, professionals and experts in it information technology and humanitarian work and Education, further it is to say that it includes the staff paying no need to race, religion and language.

 HITESDO was registered under Ministry of cultural Affairs and sports - North East Province on 13.07.2005 registered No NEP/ME/CA/TR/06/05. Later we registered the organisation in the divisional secretariat division on Town & Gravets Trincomalee on 06.11.2008 under the circular No 31.06.1980 of democratic social republic of Sri Lanka VSO act seeing the registered no DS/TG/SS/VSO/77.

 We conduct computer and English classes to improve the knowledge and skills of youths and school leavers. Further we do Capacity building and job oriented trainings such as beauty culture, carpentry, food processing and career guidance trainings for school levers and youths. We organise cultural programme on the basics of “clarity is Strength” in the rural areas. Elders and students will be honoured in this programme for their achievements.  

 The challenge faced by the present society in the national and international level is the development of communication and information technology. At present the government expects that it should reach the rural areas and every village. Therefore HITESDO to offer its service to make it a success in order to achieve this target it has created a network. Though it will be able to get all the information of the government and non government organization in Trincomalee It will further help to improve tourism and extra all the necessary information to build up peace and harmony in our country. It also include the information of all the religion places in Trincomalee which will create a peaceful environment among the communities in national and international level.

 HITESDO takes necessary steps to extend the development of English, Sinhala languages and information technology even to the rural areas.

 It will be possible to improve the development of societies with the help of the information technology. Therefore the DONORS and the non government organizations can contact us at any time for further information our Web site: , ,

 “ICT for social Change “


Phone: +94 26 32 68237
Voice Mail  : 772852863 / 776232047  
Address: 1316, Palaiyootru, Trincomalee, 31000
Sri Lanka.