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Why you want to Join … 

Make friends with HITESDO members, and learn about other cultures and religions around the world from other teenagers like you!

Express your opinions through the HITESDO Discussions, where you can debate about many different world issues including war and violence, poverty, global warming, youth empowerment and other current issues. You can also talk about your favorite movies, music and television shows.

 Participate in HITESDO member chats, where you have the opportunity to give your input on how you think HITESDO can be a better organization.

 Chance to become of the HITESDO’s staff body or an official HITESDO Contributor

 Represent your area by becoming a HITESDO fellow, and discuss your area's situation with other youth

 Access to opportunities including conferences, meetings, events and more through HITESDO’s partners and other youth organization

 Enhance the Skills through ICT association

 Opportunities to participate the Career Guidance workshop, Seminar, discussion in Sri Lanka and other countries

 Update information about Scholarships and Other youth development programs

 Become a social worker and do services for your communities (Recognition as “SOCIAL WORKER”)

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