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Micro credit

Micro-credit refers to programs that are poverty focused and that provide financial and business services to very poor persons for generation of self-employment and income. Credit is a powerful instrument to fight poverty. The role of micro-credit in reducing poverty is now well recognized all over the world. It is no longer the subject matter of micro-credit practitioners alone. Governments, donors, development agencies, banks, universities, consultants, philanthropists and others have increasing interest in it.

Due to past 30 years conflict in Sri Lanka people from these areas lost their income and Livelihood and assets. The prevailing situation helps the people to do at least a small business and entrepreneurship activities in Trincomalee with the support government and non government institutions and organizations.  Limited organizations are supporting the communities by giving grant or any technical assistance. business organization such as bank, finance company  giving out loans with big interest rates therefore the affected communities un able to uplift their family even though they get support.

There are needs in Micro credit services with minimum interest rate to support the poor affected communities to build their livelihood.



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